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Filmmaking Schools in Louisiana

Looking for classes in a specific city? Check out our lists of Filmmaking Schools in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Metairie, New Orleans, and Shreveport.

Looking to start your filmmaking career in the heart of the South?

Discover the top filmmaking schools in Louisiana to get hands-on experience and industry connections.

From one-on-one mentorship programs to comprehensive university courses, this guide highlights the best options to hone your craft and launch your film career.

Film Connection – One-on-One Mentorship Program

If you’re looking for personalized, hands-on filmmaking education, consider the Film Connection program. Film Connection breaks away from traditional classroom settings, offering a one-on-one mentorship model that pairs you directly with industry professionals.

  • Individual mentorship: You will work closely with an experienced mentor who guides you through every step of filmmaking, from cinematography to screenwriting.
  • Real-world experience: Gain on-set experience in a practical environment, a key stepping stone to a career in filmmaking.
  • Various locations: The mentorship is available in multiple Louisiana cities, which are Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans, and Shreveport.
  • Industry pitch opportunities: Get the chance to pitch your film projects to Hollywood producers, providing crucial exposure early in your career.
  • Flexible learning: Benefit from flexible schedules that allow you to learn at your own pace without sacrificing a structured curriculum.

This program allows you to transition from student to industry insider seamlessly. Affordable tuition and invaluable connections make it a considerable option.

University of New Orleans – Film and Theatre Program

The University of New Orleans offers an engaging Film and Theatre Program within its School of the Arts, focusing on both practical and theoretical education.

  • Hands-on learning: Gain expertise in film production, directing, acting, playwriting, and technical production through immersive coursework.
  • Course variety: Options include core subjects like film aesthetics, digital technology, film history, screenwriting, and specialized electives in documentary production, sound design, and cinematography.
  • MFA options: For advanced studies, the facility offers a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program.
  • Location advantage: Situated in New Orleans, named the best place to live and work by MovieMaker Magazine, the vibrant arts scene significantly enriches your learning experience.

The comprehensive curriculum is designed to mold you into a well-rounded professional, ready to make a mark in the film industry.

Louisiana State University – Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film & Television

Louisiana State University’s BFA in Film & Television presents a robust pre-professional degree that stresses the entire filmmaking process from inception to completion.

  • Selective admissions: Be prepared to showcase significant production experience, a compelling statement of purpose, and a film or video submission for application.
  • All-round training: Courses encompass directing, screenwriting, and cinematography, ensuring you develop a versatile skill set.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Leverage advanced equipment and spaces such as the Music & Dramatic Arts Building for your projects.
  • Professional interactions: Engage with industry events, which are instrumental for networking and career growth.

The program not only aims to equip you with technical prowess but also positions you favorably for entering the competitive field of film and television.

Nicholls State University – Film Studies Program

The Film Studies Program at Nicholls State University emphasizes versatility by allowing you to tailor the curriculum to your interests, be it film production, criticism, screenwriting, or the business side of filmmaking.

  • Diverse coursework: Core courses delve into film history, appreciation, theory, along with practical aspects such as lighting, sound, and editing.
  • Hands-on experience: Engage in production projects and screenwriting courses featuring real-world applications.
  • Showcasing talent: Participate in the annual Scholars Expeaux screening event to present your work.
  • Extracurricular activities: Join the Nicholls Film Society for retreats, discussions, and service learning at local film festivals.

This program’s flexibility and comprehensive approach cater to diverse interests in the filmmaking world, making it a worthy contender for your educational journey.

Louisiana State University – Film & Television Program

The Film & Television Program at Louisiana State University integrates comprehensive training spanning both stage and camera production to meet the demands of the film industry.

  • Hands-on courses: Classes cover production technology, acting for the camera, and content creation, providing well-rounded training.
  • Networking opportunities: Extensive industry connections help you build a professional network even before you graduate.
  • BA degree: The program culminates in a B.A. in Theatre: Film/TV Concentration, prepping you for various career paths in filmmaking.

While tuition details aren’t specified, prospective students are encouraged to consult the university for accurate cost assessments. The holistic and involved curriculum ensures you’re well-prepared for the dynamic world of film and television production.

Dillard University – Film Program

Dillard University in New Orleans offers a distinctive Film Program emphasizing African American material culture. This bachelor’s degree in Film Studies includes a range of coursework and features several standout elements:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: You will explore production, history, theory, and analysis.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The program boasts a fully-equipped film studio and editing suite.
  • Experienced Faculty: Faculty members are accomplished industry professionals, offering personalized attention and mentorship.
  • Hands-On Experience: Internships and collaborations with local production companies are integral to the training.
  • Inclusivity and Social Justice: The program focuses on storytelling that creates positive change.

This program offers a unique educational experience and prepares you for a meaningful career in filmmaking.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Moving Image Arts Program

The Moving Image Arts program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette integrates theory, art, and technical training to develop your skills as a visual storyteller.

  • Balanced Curriculum: Courses cover film production, direction, non-fiction senior capstone projects, and post-production techniques.
  • Humanities Integration: The curriculum incorporates humanities subjects such as English, creative writing, and folklore.
  • Expert Faculty: Under the guidance of faculty members like Director Virgile Beddok and Senior Instructor Conni Castille, you receive comprehensive training.
  • Supportive Community: Utilize resources like a dedicated Facebook Group and YouTube Channel for artistic development and career aspirations.

This program adeptly prepares you for a career in the film industry by balancing technical skills with a deep understanding of humanities.

Prize Foundation – Film Prize Junior Program

The Film Prize Junior program by the Prize Foundation offers filmmaking education to high school and middle school students throughout Louisiana.

  • Early Exposure: The program introduces students to filmmaking techniques from genres like documentary, animation, horror, and comedy.
  • Mentorship and Workshops: Young filmmakers benefit from mentorship, industry workshops, and networking events.
  • Underserved Communities: Focuses on nurturing talent in underserved areas.
  • Significant Funding: A $1 million award from the Entertainment Development Fund supports the program’s expansion statewide within five years.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Partners with local colleges, universities, and industry associations to enhance the local film production workforce.

This program provides a solid foundation for young aspiring filmmakers and contributes to the creative economy and workforce development in Louisiana.

How to Choose the Right Filmmaking School in Louisiana

When deciding on a filmmaking school in Louisiana, consider various factors to align your choice with your career goals. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Program Reputation: Research the school’s reputation and the qualifications of its faculty members. Look for testimonials and reviews to gauge the quality of education.
  2. Facilities and Equipment: Check if the school has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as these are crucial for gaining practical experience.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Ensure the program offers ample networking opportunities. Connections with industry professionals and alumni success stories are vital for career building.
  4. Internship Placements: Practical experience through internships is essential. Investigate if the school offers strong placement programs with reputable firms or projects.
  5. Tuition and Fees: Consider the cost of tuition and additional fees to ensure they fit within your budget. Look out for scholarship opportunities or financial aid.
  6. Program Focus: Ensure the school offers training in your area of interest, whether it’s directing, screenwriting, cinematography, or production.

By evaluating these aspects, you can choose a filmmaking school that supports your aspirations and sets a solid foundation for your career.

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Choosing the right filmmaking school is crucial for setting the stage for your professional journey. The variety of programs offered by these top filmmaking schools in Louisiana provide you with a wealth of opportunities to develop your skills and build industry connections. Dive into the program details, explore their unique offerings, and find the right match for your cinematic dreams. Your adventure in filmmaking starts here.

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