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Filmmaking Schools in Wichita KS

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Looking to Kickstart Your Filmmaking Career in Wichita, KS?

Discover top filmmaking schools in Wichita, KS, to get comprehensive training in media arts. Whether you’re aiming to gain hands-on experience at Wichita State University’s Shocker Studios or seeking personalized mentorship at Film Connection Film School, this guide will help you navigate the best options available.

Ready to turn your filmmaking dreams into reality? Let’s get started.

Wichita State University – Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Arts

Start your filmmaking journey at Wichita State University with their esteemed Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Arts program. This course is crafted for students passionate about arts and filmmaking and offers exposure to multiple facets of media production. The program features:

  • Areas of focus: Students can choose from various specializations, including filmmaking, animation, acting for digital arts, audio production, and game design.
  • State-of-the-art labs: Access to Shocker Studios, a 35,000-square-foot facility equipped with advanced technology necessary for professional training.
  • Hands-on experience: The curriculum emphasizes practical experience in acting, video principles, scriptwriting, and lighting, ensuring students graduate with valuable real-world skills.
  • Applied learning: The program requires students to participate in practical or research experiences to enhance their learning.
  • Admission requirements: Prospective students must gain admission to the College of Fine Arts to enroll in this program.
  • Industry connections: WSU has several employer partnerships that provide students with internships and job opportunities post-graduation.

The combination of top-notch facilities, a focused curriculum, and strong industry ties makes Wichita State University an excellent choice for those serious about a career in filmmaking.

Learn More about the Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Arts at Wichita State University

Film Connection Film School – Filmmaking Program

For a unique and hands-on approach, consider the Film Connection Film School in Wichita. This school provides personalized, one-on-one training through a mentor-extern model, which is especially beneficial for budding filmmakers. The key features of their program include:

  • Mentor-extern model: Students receive individualized instruction from seasoned professionals in a working studio environment.
  • Industry connections: The program’s localized training enables students to build valuable connections within Wichita’s thriving arts scene.
  • Cultural backdrop: Wichita is home to the renowned Tallgrass Film Festival and an active film commission, offering ample exposure to the creative community.
  • Real-world experience: The hands-on approach ensures students are workforce-ready, with many finding employment during their training.

Although specific pricing and hour details aren’t provided on their website, direct contact with the school will offer further insights. The personalized mentorship approach combined with the practical experience makes Film Connection an appealing option for aspiring filmmakers.

Get Detailed Information on the Film Connection Filmmaking Program

Wichita State University – Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Media Arts

The Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Media Arts at Wichita State University is another stellar option for aspiring filmmakers. This program is designed to blend artistic skills with technical proficiency, making it suitable for careers in both filmmaking and other media arts. The standout features include:

  • Specialized concentrations: Options include Acting for Digital Arts, Animation, Audio Production, Collaborative Design, Filmmaking, and Game Design.
  • Cutting-edge facilities: Students have access to Shocker Studios, a leading facility that offers advanced technology for media production.
  • Coursework: Each concentration offers specialized courses such as motion capture, storyboarding, and advanced editing.
  • Practicum projects: Students must engage in at least three practicum projects to gain practical, real-world experience.
  • Certificates: Additional certificates in Animation and Audio Production provide further specialization opportunities.

This holistic curriculum, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, positions Wichita State University’s BAA in Media Arts as an excellent pathway for budding media professionals.

Explore the Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA) in Media Arts at Wichita State University

What to Consider When Choosing a Filmmaking School in Wichita KS

Selecting the right filmmaking school is a crucial step towards a successful career in media arts. Here are several factors to keep in mind:

  1. Curriculum Versatility: Ensure the program covers both theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking, such as scriptwriting, production techniques, and post-production.
  2. Faculty Expertise: Instructors with industry experience can offer valuable insights and mentorship, enriching your education.
  3. Industry Connections: Schools that emphasize internships or have strong ties to the film industry can significantly boost your job prospects. Look for partnerships with local film commissions or participation in film festivals.
  4. Hands-on Experience: Programs with practical projects and access to state-of-the-art facilities are essential. Real-world training better prepares you for the workforce. Examples include Wichita State University’s Shocker Studios and the mentor-extern model at Film Connection Film School.
  5. Financial Considerations: Assess the overall cost of the program, including tuition, fees, and additional expenses. Investigate the availability of financial aid or scholarships to make your education more affordable.

Balancing these factors can help you choose the right filmmaking school that meets your personal and professional goals.

Conclusion: Start Your Filmmaking Journey in Wichita KS

Embarking on a filmmaking career requires the right education and practical experience. Whether you opt for the hands-on mentorship at Film Connection Film School or the technologically advanced facilities at Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, offers excellent programs to suit your needs. Evaluate the aspects that matter most to you, like curriculum, faculty, and real-world experience, to ensure you make an informed decision. Begin your filmmaking journey today and bring your creative visions to life.

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