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Filmmaking Schools in West Valley City UT

Not in West Valley City? Check out our lists of Filmmaking Schools in Provo, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, and across Utah.

Discover the Best Filmmaking Schools in West Valley City, UT

Choosing the right film school can shape your career.

This article highlights the top filmmaking schools in West Valley City, UT, offering diverse programs and valuable hands-on experience.

Get key insights into what each school offers to help you make an informed decision.

Utah Valley University – Digital Cinema Production

Utah Valley University (UVU) offers an exceptional Digital Cinema Production program designed to equip you for a diverse range of careers in screen-based content creation. Whether you’re aiming to become a director, writer, cinematographer, or producer, UVU’s program addresses all facets of filmmaking.

Program Highlights:

  • Degree Options: UVU provides multiple pathways to achieve your educational goals. Choose from a Bachelor of Science, an Associate of Applied Science, or a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema.
  • Hands-On Experience: The curriculum ensures you gain practical experience by engaging in various projects that cover both fiction and non-fiction films. This approach helps you build a robust portfolio.
  • Advanced Skills: The senior capstone project is a significant opportunity to showcase your advanced filmmaking skills at a professional level.
  • Industry Exposure: The Sundance Film Festival elective is a unique offering that allows you to interact with industry professionals and explore the history of independent filmmaking.

Faculty members bring invaluable industry insights, providing a well-rounded education that combines technical expertise with storytelling. The flexibility in degree options caters to different career goals, whether you’re pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or seeking quick entry into the field with a certificate.

For the most current information on admission requirements, costs, and schedules, visit the UVU Digital Cinema Production page.

Spy Hop – Afterschool Program

Spy Hop is a nonprofit digital media arts center in Salt Lake City, offering free classes in film, music, audio, and design for students aged 12-19. Located just a short drive from West Valley City, Spy Hop provides a platform for young, aspiring filmmakers to explore their creativity.

Program Features:

  • Diverse Classes: Spy Hop’s afterschool program includes a variety of courses, ranging from filmmaking to music production, some of which require no prior registration.
  • Summer Camps: Intensive full-day summer camps are available for younger students aged 9-12, focusing specifically on filmmaking.
  • Application Process: For more advanced courses, an online application, followed by an interview or audition with an artist mentor, is required.
  • Community Engagement: Events like Reel Stories offer a space for students to showcase their work in a community film festival featuring shorts by Utah youth.

Spy Hop emphasizes youth empowerment and creative expression through events and collaborations with external evaluators, ensuring program efficacy. With partnerships including Central 9th Youth Coalition and Phase 2 Productions, Spy Hop enhances opportunities for student filmmaking projects.

To learn more about the classes, registration, and costs, visit the Spy Hop website.

University of Utah – Film & Media Arts Program

The Film & Media Arts Department at the University of Utah is a distinguished institution known for fostering both the traditional and evolving aspects of moving image creation. This program offers a comprehensive education designed for contemporary film and media arts, nurturing your creative and technical skills.

Key Benefits:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The University provides cutting-edge equipment and studios, ensuring you have access to industry-standard tools for your projects.
  • Experienced Faculty: You will learn from seasoned professionals who provide mentorship, ensuring that you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for industry success.
  • Career Services: The department offers robust career coaching services, helping you to explore employment opportunities and navigate the professional landscape.
  • Interdisciplinary Resources: Benefit from the vast academic offerings and interdisciplinary resources available at the University of Utah, which support a well-rounded education.

The Film & Media Arts program supports your development as an independent artist with access to rich academic resources and professional networks. Whether you are crafting narratives for the screen or exploring abstract media arts, this program offers you the guidance and resources you need.

For more detailed information on admissions, costs, and the curriculum, visit the University of Utah Film & Media Arts page.

By exploring these distinguished programs, you can find the perfect fit to hone your filmmaking skills and pursue your career in the vibrant field of digital cinema production.

East Hollywood High School – Filmmaking Program

East Hollywood High School, located in West Valley City, provides an exceptional platform for aspiring filmmakers at the high school level. This specialized charter school focuses explicitly on the film industry, offering a filmmaking program that covers directing, screenwriting, acting, and producing.

Program Highlights:

  • Inclusive Curriculum: The program allows students to transform scripts into screenplays, giving a comprehensive understanding of the filmmaking process from writing to screen.
  • Expert Guidance: Access to seasoned acting teachers, including industry professionals like Adrian R’Mante and Anne Sward, adds immense value to the program by providing professional insights and mentoring.
  • Student Projects: Students directly apply their learning through the production of films and various creative projects. Former student Savannah Ostler, for instance, attributes her success as a filmmaker to this program.
  • Community Engagement: The close-knit, supportive community at East Hollywood High fosters a conducive learning environment for creative growth.

This program’s hands-on approach and experienced faculty make it a unique opportunity for young filmmakers to jumpstart their careers while still in high school. Further details on admission can be found on their school’s profile.

What to Consider When Choosing a Filmmaking School

Selecting the right filmmaking school is crucial. Here are some key factors to consider to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Curriculum: Ensure the program covers essential areas of filmmaking such as directing, writing, producing, and post-production. A curriculum offering practical experience and industry-standard training is vital.
  2. Faculty Expertise: Research the qualifications and industry background of the instructors. Learning from professionals with real-world experience can provide invaluable guidance and mentorship.
  3. Facilities: Check the quality and availability of production equipment, studios, and post-production labs. Having access to cutting-edge technology and resources can significantly enhance your educational experience.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Consider schools with strong industry connections and opportunities for internships, workshops, and film festivals. For example, UVU’s Sundance Film Festival elective provides unique industry exposure.
  5. Location: The geographic location of the school can impact available networking opportunities, internships, and your personal living experience.
  6. Cost: Review tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid options thoroughly. Understanding all associated costs is essential to evaluate affordability.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can ensure that the chosen filmmaking school aligns with your career aspirations and personal circumstances, setting the stage for a successful and fulfilling education in filmmaking.


Exploring the various filmmaking schools in West Valley City, UT, can help you find the program that best fits your ambitions and needs. Whether you opt for Utah Valley University’s comprehensive Digital Cinema Production program, the youth-focused initiatives at Spy Hop, the distinguished offerings from the University of Utah, or the hands-on experience provided by East Hollywood High School, each of these institutions offers unique opportunities to elevate your journey in film and media.

Take the next step in your filmmaking education by researching further and contacting these schools directly. Investing in a well-rounded and robust education will set the foundation for a successful career in the creative and dynamic field of filmmaking.

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