Filmmaking Schools in Thornton CO

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Ever wondered how to start your filmmaking journey? Thornton, CO offers some of the best filmmaking schools.

This article highlights top programs that can help you achieve your cinematic dreams.

Discover where and how to gain hands-on experience in the heart of Colorado.

Community College of Aurora – Cinematic Arts Department

The Community College of Aurora’s Cinematic Arts Department, previously known as Colorado Film School, offers a diverse range of academic programs focused specifically on filmmaking and cinematography.

Here’s how this institution stands out:

  • Curriculum: The courses cover every aspect of filmmaking, from scriptwriting to post-production. Students receive hands-on experience to hone their skills.
  • Accreditation: Being regionally accredited ensures that your qualifications are recognized nationwide.
  • Financial Aid: The department offers various financial aid options, making it easier for students to manage tuition costs.
  • Professional Mentorship: Programs include guidance from industry veterans, integrating real-world insights into the learning process.
  • Facilities: Cutting-edge resources, such as high-end production equipment and editing software, are available for student use.
  • Success Rate: Alumni have gone on to win awards and secure positions in top production companies.

The recent name change to Cinematic Arts Department allows for clearer communication and improved alignment with institutional goals. The transition emphasizes better control over academic programs and financial management, contributing to a richer educational experience. With its commitment to maintaining high standards and accountability, the Community College of Aurora is an excellent choice for aspiring filmmakers. For more detailed information, explore the Cinematic Arts Department.

CU Denver – Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Film & Television

The CU Denver Film & Television Department’s BFA program provides robust training for those looking to delve into the filmmaking industry. This program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to succeed in various roles within the film and television sectors.

Here are key highlights of the program:

  • Practical Training: Engage in scripts, film editing, camera work, and storytelling, allowing you to gain substantial hands-on experience.
  • Industry Ties: The program’s strong industry connections assist in internship placements and job opportunities after graduation.
  • Professional Mentorship: Learn from seasoned professionals who offer insights and mentorship, grooming you for real-world dynamics.
  • Portfolio Development: Students graduate with professional portfolios showcasing personal film projects, which is essential for job placements.
  • Recognition: CU Denver has been named one of the 25 Best Film Schools in the U.S. and Canada by MovieMaker Magazine, providing further credibility and recognition.
  • Success Stories: Graduates have successfully worked with NBCUniversal and earned prestigious awards including Oscars.

The faculty comprises industry veterans dedicated to preparing you for various careers in independent filmmaking, documentary film, and TV production. The program’s curriculum ensures you gain a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing you for an exciting career in the film and television industry. Check out more details on the Film & Television BFA program.

CU Denver – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television

The BFA in Film and Television program at CU Denver offers a deep dive into all aspects of film and television production. Designed to be intensive and practical, this program provides a solid foundation for your filmmaking career.

  • Cohort Learning: Progress through the program alongside a cohort of peers, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Merge the study of film/TV history and theory with extensive hands-on production courses.
  • Real-World Preparation: Get ready for entry-level positions in the industry or pursue graduate studies with a detailed curriculum covering writing, production, directing, cinematography, editing, and more.
  • Hands-On Projects: Engage in practical projects that range from fiction films to documentaries, ensuring you gain diverse experience.
  • Faculty Expertise: Learn from industry veterans who bring real-world insights and mentorship into the classroom.
  • Industry Exposure: Participate in internships, study abroad programs, and apprenticeships that enhance your professional portfolio and network.

The BFA program at CU Denver is structured to give you the expertise and practical skills needed to excel in the film and television industry. Learn more about the detailed offerings on the CU Denver BFA program page.

Choosing the Right Filmmaking School

Selecting the right filmmaking school is a significant decision that can shape your career. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Curriculum: Ensure the program aligns with your career goals, whether it’s directing, screenwriting, cinematography, or editing.
  • Faculty Experience: Research the expertise and industry experience of the faculty. Learning from seasoned professionals can provide invaluable insights and mentoring opportunities.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Top-notch production studios, editing bays, and access to the latest filmmaking technology can significantly enhance your learning experience.
  • Industry Connections: Schools with strong ties to the film industry can provide internships, job placements, and real-world project exposure.
  • Financial Considerations: Evaluate tuition costs and available financial aid options. Ensure the program fits your budget or explore scholarships and grants.
  • Accreditation: Attend a regionally accredited institution to ensure your degree is recognized and meets educational standards.
  • Campus Visits: If possible, visit campuses to get a sense of the school’s environment and culture. Speak to current students and alumni for their insights.
  • Graduate Employment Rates: Check the school’s track record for graduate employment in the film industry. High placement rates can indicate the program’s efficacy.
  • Location: Being in or near a media hub like Denver can offer additional opportunities for internships, networking, and employment after graduation.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a filmmaking school that best suits your aspirations and needs.


If you are searching for “Filmmaking Schools in Thornton CO,” you have several excellent options to kickstart your career in film and television. The Community College of Aurora and CU Denver offer robust programs with practical training, industry connections, and professional mentorship.

Each school provides a unique approach to filmmaking education, ensuring you gain the necessary skills and experiences to succeed in the industry. Explore their programs in detail, visit the campuses, and connect with faculty and alumni to make an informed decision.

Your journey into the world of filmmaking starts with the right education – choose wisely and make your cinematic dreams a reality.

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