Filmmaking Schools in St. Louis MO

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Wondering where to start your filmmaking journey in St. Louis, MO? We’ve got you covered.

Explore top filmmaking schools that offer industry-leading programs and hands-on experiences.

Get insights into each institution’s unique strengths to help you choose the best fit for your creative ambitions.

Film Connection – St. Louis Film Production School

Discover the immersive experience offered by Film Connection St. Louis Film Production School. This institution stands out with its hands-on approach from the very beginning. Providing an alternative to traditional film schools, it offers mentorship from working industry professionals who guide students through every stage of their learning journey.

  • Mentorship Programs: Each student gets paired with an experienced mentor, ensuring personalized one-on-one training and industry insight.
  • Real-World Experience: Students work on actual film sets and locations, gaining practical knowledge and professional connections.
  • Access to Resources: Support from an Academic Facilitator helps address any academic needs or questions.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Up to one year of job placement support post-program completion helps ease the transition into the film industry.

Film Connection’s emphasis on real-world education ensures students develop the necessary skills to succeed. The affordability and convenience of studying in St. Louis allows you to pursue your dream career without leaving town or breaking your budget. Furthermore, the school offers a remote film training program, so you can benefit from one-on-one mentorship without compromising your living situation.

To take the first step in your filmmaking journey, visit the Film Connection St. Louis Film Production School.

Washington University – Film and Media Studies Program

Experience the rich educational offerings of the Washington University Film and Media Studies program. This program covers undergraduate and graduate studies focusing on film, radio, television, and digital media as artistic and cultural forms. With a rigorous curriculum, you’ll gain an understanding of the creative force behind individual artworks and their cultural impact.

  • Individual Attention: Smaller class sizes foster meaningful discussions and personalized feedback.
  • Production and Screenwriting: Hands-on courses and professional evaluations of creative work help you refine your skills.
  • Advanced Projects: Engage in capstone experiences like creating a 20 to 30-minute video or writing a feature-length screenplay.

Unique resources, such as the collection from the documentary production company Kartemquin Films, provide unparalleled learning opportunities. The Washington University program bridges theoretical analysis with practical skills, preparing students for diverse careers in film and media.

Discover more by visiting the Washington University Film and Media Studies program.

Cinema St. Louis – SLIFF/Kids Filmmaking Camps

Cinema St. Louis offers fantastic opportunities for young filmmakers through SLIFF/Kids Filmmaking Camps at the Kirkwood Public Library and the St. Louis Public Library. These camps, designed for ages 10-14, provide hands-on learning experiences in basic film techniques and stop motion animation.

  • Age-Appropriate Learning: Tailored for children, helping them develop storytelling, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.
  • Creative Expression: Campers create their own films, fostering imagination and artistic abilities.
  • High-Quality Programming: Supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, ensuring educational excellence.

While the camps are wonderfully educational, they may be more appropriate for those at an introductory level rather than looking for in-depth film school experiences. Specific details regarding hours and prices can be obtained directly from Cinema St. Louis.

Give your child a memorable and enriching summer by enrolling them in the Cinema St. Louis SLIFF/Kids Filmmaking Camps.

Lindenwood University – Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Cinema and Media Arts

Lindenwood University offers a robust Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in Cinema and Media Arts. Located in St. Charles, Missouri, Lindenwood provides an environment where creativity meets cutting-edge technology.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Students learn to use the latest video and design technology, ensuring excellence in making stories come alive on screen.
  • Experienced Faculty: The expert faculty provide personalized guidance to each student, drawing from their own professional industry experience.
  • Internship Opportunities: Being close to St. Louis, students benefit from unique internship opportunities that prepare them for the professional arts world.

Courses within the program merge communication theory, studio art, art history, creative writing, and media production. The couple of facilities like Mane Media Productions and the J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts make these experiences even more enriching.

Career paths for graduates are diverse, extending to advertising, journalism, television, and beyond. By providing a sophisticated education framework and exceptional resources, Lindenwood University stands as a premier filmmaking school in the St. Louis area.

Explore more at the Lindenwood University MFA program.

Saint Louis University – Film and Media Studies Program

Discover the Saint Louis University Film and Media Studies minor, a 21-credit interdisciplinary program designed to immerse you in the multifaceted world of cinema.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Courses are integrated with multiple departments such as African American studies, communication, English, and many more, promoting expansive visual literacy.
  • Broad Curriculum: The program offers a balanced mix of film history, analysis, and production opportunities, ensuring a well-rounded education.
  • Study Abroad Opportunities: Students have the option to broaden their horizons by studying at the university’s Madrid campus.

This program’s interdisciplinary design ensures students gain diverse skills that can be applied to various career paths, such as media production, advertising, law focused on entertainment, and web design. Emphasis on maintaining at least a 2.00 GPA in film studies courses ensures academic excellence.

With its comprehensive approach, Saint Louis University offers the tools and knowledge necessary for succeeding in today’s media landscape.

To learn more, visit the Saint Louis University Film and Media Studies program.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Filmmaking School in St. Louis

Evaluating filmmaking schools in St. Louis requires careful consideration. Here are critical factors to guide your decision:

  1. Curriculum: Ensure the courses align with your interests such as film production, screenwriting, or film theory. A comprehensive blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge is essential.
  2. Faculty: Research the instructors’ backgrounds to verify if they are industry professionals, scholars, or both. Experienced faculty can offer invaluable networking opportunities and industry insights.
  3. Facilities: Assess the quality and accessibility of equipment and facilities. Top-tier cameras, editing suites, and sound stages are crucial for hands-on learning.
  4. Industry Connections: Investigate the school’s connections with the film industry. Programs offering mentorship, guest speakers, and partnerships with local production companies can significantly enhance your learning experience and job prospects.
  5. Internships and Job Placement: Look into the kind of internship opportunities available and the school’s job placement track record. Real-world experience and professional connections are vital for post-graduation success.
  6. Location: Determine if you prefer a school situated in the city for easier access to internships and networking events, or a quieter setting conducive to focused study.
  7. Alumni Success: Research the achievements of past graduates. The success of alumni can indicate the program’s quality and the strength of the network you will join.
  8. Financial Aid and Tuition: Consider the program’s cost and available financial aid options. Scholarships, grants, and work-study programs can significantly reduce financial stress.

By weighing these factors, you can identify a filmmaking school in St. Louis that suits your educational needs and career ambitions.


Choosing the right filmmaking school in St. Louis can be a transformative step toward your career in the film industry. Whether it’s through the hands-on mentorship at Film Connection St. Louis, the comprehensive academic framework at Washington University, the enriching cinema camps for kids with Cinema St. Louis, the sophisticated MFA program at Lindenwood University, or the interdisciplinary study at Saint Louis University, each option offers unique advantages tailored to different stages and aspects of filmmaking education.

Visit the schools’ websites for more information and take your first step toward a successful filmmaking career.

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