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Filmmaking Schools in Savannah GA

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Want to transform your passion for filmmaking into a career?

In Savannah, GA, several top-tier schools offer unique programs to help you achieve that dream. This article highlights the best Filmmaking Schools in Savannah GA, detailing their courses, hands-on experience opportunities, and career support, ensuring you make an informed decision for your future in the film industry.

Savannah Technical College – Savannah Film Academy

The Savannah Film Academy at Savannah Technical College is a standout choice among filmmaking schools in Savannah, GA. This academy specializes in preparing students for below-the-line and on-set careers.

The training program is structured around a technical certificate of credit, providing practical, hands-on experience. The curriculum includes essential on-set film production skills, utilizing professional-grade equipment to familiarize students with industry procedures.

Key Features of Savannah Film Academy:

  • Comprehensive On-Set Training: You will gain practical experience with the equipment and procedures used in professional film production environments.
  • Eligibility: Open to high school students (10th-12th grades) and adults. An age requirement is typically enforced, with most industry roles requiring you to be at least 18 years old.
  • Industry Recognition: Savannah’s growing reputation in the film industry, highlighted by MovieMaker Magazine’s “Best Small Places and Towns to Live and Work as a Moviemaker.”
  • Local Industry Success: Major films like “The Do Over” and “Gifted” were filmed in Savannah, showcasing the city’s thriving film industry.
  • Award-winning Content: Notable distinctions such as the documentary “Feed the Hungry” and gold medals at the SkillsUSA Georgia 2022 competition.

Savannah Technical College’s Savannah Film Academy is ideal for those seeking robust, hands-on training that aligns directly with industry expectations. Prospective students can take the first step by filling out a form on their website.

Georgia Film Academy – Certification of Interest in Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development

The Georgia Film Academy (GFA) offers a diverse array of programs in film and television production, post-production, esports, and game development. Affiliated with the University System of Georgia, the academy ensures top-tier education and accreditation standards.

Highlights of Georgia Film Academy:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with modern technology and facilities that mirror industry standards.
  • Comprehensive Certifications: Available in areas such as Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development, Film & Television Production, and Post-Production.
  • Experienced Faculty: Courses are taught by seasoned industry professionals who bring real-world insights and mentorship.
  • High School Programs and Summer Camps: Introduces younger students to the world of filmmaking and digital entertainment.
  • Internship and Apprenticeship Opportunities: Gain crucial industry contacts through practical, real-world experience.
  • Student Support Services: Extensive support resources, including career counseling, resume assistance, and job placement outreach.

While course pricing and hours can fluctuate, GFA’s comprehensive curriculum and strong industry ties make it an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a career in filmmaking. For detailed information, students can visit the Georgia Film Academy’s website.

Film Connection – Film Production and Editing Track

Film Connection Film School uniquely combines mentorship-based education with actual industry experience. Located in Savannah, GA, this school connects you with working professionals for a personalized learning experience.

The school offers two main tracks:

  1. 6-Month Film Production and Editing Track: Focused on hands-on training and practical skills.
  2. 8-Month Director Track: Expands on production with a focus on directing.

Advantages of Film Connection:

  • One-on-One Mentorship: Learn directly from experienced industry professionals.
  • Personalized Learning: Tailored education designed to meet your unique needs and career goals.
  • Real-World Experience: Work on actual film projects, gaining critical practical knowledge.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build professional contacts essential for your future career.
  • Affordability: Quality education with lower tuition costs compared to traditional film schools.

Film Connection leverages Savannah’s picturesque scenery and significant tax incentives to enrich your learning and provide better filming opportunities. The program is ideal for self-motivated individuals looking for a mentorship-driven approach to filmmaking education. For more information, visit the Film Connection Film School website.

Savannah State University – SSU Film Certificate

The Savannah State University (SSU) Film Certificate provides outstanding training in film, television, and digital entertainment through its collaboration with the Georgia Film Consortium. This partnership is key, offering students hands-on experience in various media productions.

Key Features of SSU Film Certificate:

  • Diverse Certifications: Earn certifications in Film & Television Production, Post-Production, and Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Development.
  • On-Set Projects: Engage in real projects to garner practical experience.
  • Industry-Recognized Credentials: Certifications backed by the Georgia Film Academy ensure industry relevance.
  • Internships and Placements: Secure professional internships with industry productions.
  • Comprehensive Career Support: Job counseling, resume assistance, and job outreach for a smooth transition to the industry.
  • Combined Curriculum: The program offers a rich blend of classes from Savannah State University and GFA.

With a robust curriculum and numerous opportunities for practical experience, Savannah State University stands out as an excellent option for aspiring filmmakers. Explore more details about the SSU Film Certificate program and take the first step toward your filmmaking career.

How to Choose the Best Filmmaking School in Savannah GA

Finding the right filmmaking school is crucial for your career development. Here are several criteria to consider:

  1. Evaluate the Curriculum: Ensure the coursework covers both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The curriculum should provide a thorough understanding of film production, directing, editing, and screenwriting.
  2. Check Faculty Expertise: Investigate whether the instructors have substantial industry experience. Professionals can offer valuable mentorship and insider knowledge that can be pivotal for your education.
  3. Facilities and Equipment: Visit the schools to inspect their facilities. Modern, industry-standard equipment is essential for hands-on learning and preparing for real-world projects.
  4. Hands-On Learning Opportunities: Look for programs that offer internships, apprenticeships, or involvement in actual film projects. Practical experience is indispensable for honing your craft and networking in the industry.
  5. Industry Connections: Schools with strong ties to film industry bodies or well-established alumni networks can offer better job placement opportunities and professional networking.
  6. Support Services: Comprehensive career counseling, job placement services, and resume workshops can provide significant assistance as you transition from academia to the professional world.
  7. Budget and Financial Aid: Compare tuition costs and investigate the availability of scholarships, grants, or financial aid. Choosing a program within your financial means is crucial.

By focusing on these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a Filmmaking School in Savannah GA that aligns with your career goals and personal needs.


Choosing the right filmmaking school is a crucial step in launching your career in the film industry. Savannah, GA, offers several excellent options, each providing unique programs and hands-on experience designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Take the next step towards your filmmaking career by visiting the links above and exploring these programs. Your future in the film industry starts here in Savannah, GA.

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