Filmmaking Schools in Quincy MA

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Curious about the best places to study filmmaking in Quincy, MA?

This article spotlights top filmmaking schools in Quincy, MA. Whether you’re looking for hands-on experience or a strong theoretical foundation, we’ve selected schools that can cater to your ambitions in the film industry.

North Quincy High School – Film and Television Technology Program

The Film and Television Technology Program at North Quincy High School delivers a strong foundation for students aspiring to enter the film and television production industry. This program equips you with hands-on experience using modern equipment and software that are industry standards.

  • Diverse Skill Set: Learn key skills such as directing, producing, writing, and news delivery.
  • Live Broadcasting Experience: Engage in live broadcasts like “Homeroom TV,” where students handle writing, directing, and producing weekly episodes.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Work with the NewTek TriCaster Switcher and Adobe Premiere Pro on 16 iMacs in the editing lab.
  • Career Opportunities: Prepares you for entry-level roles in audio and video editing, lighting, camera operation, and broadcast engineering.

Beyond classroom learning, this program gives you the chance to earn certifications like the Film and Safety Certification and the Certificate of Occupational Proficiency in Film and Television Production. The film industry is expected to experience growth, providing even more job opportunities for graduates.

If you’re aiming to gain a solid start in the film industry right from high school, the Film and Television Technology Program at North Quincy High School is an excellent choice to consider.

Suffolk University – Media and Film Major

Suffolk University’s Media and Film Major helps you become an insightful media analyst while honing your skills as a creative storyteller, especially in documentary and news production. This program integrates comprehensive hands-on training with critical thinking about media’s societal impact.

  • Creative Storytelling: Develop compelling narratives and master video production techniques.
  • Media Analysis: Understand media dynamics and their role as agents of change.
  • Real-World Experience: Opportunities for on-campus employment in TV studio production, media labs, and research.
  • Festivals and Showcases: Display your work at Northeast film festivals and gain recognition.

Graduates from this program have thriving careers in public television, television networks, and media departments at various organizations. Some alumni even launch their own media companies, leveraging their skills to work with nonprofit and corporate clients.

The Media and Film Major at Suffolk University stands out by guiding you to translate your passion into a meaningful and impactful career in the film industry.

Wheaton College – Film and New Media Studies

Wheaton College in Norton, MA offers a Film and New Media Studies program that spans a wide spectrum of courses, from introductory classes to advanced seminars, preparing you for a dynamic career in film and media.

  • Diverse Coursework: Courses include Introduction to New Media, Introduction to Film Studies, and Visual Storytelling with Film and Video.
  • Technical Skills: Enhance your technical proficiency with courses in digital editing, documentary storytelling, film production, and animation.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Explore digital making and problem-solving with classes like Problem Solving and Python Programming, Computing for Poets, and Web Design.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Engage in unique experiences such as the Filmmaker in Residence Fellowship, allowing you to travel internationally and produce a short film.

Graduates quickly find career opportunities or fellowships within six months post-graduation. They work in roles from owning their own creative businesses to administrative positions at prominent media companies.

Wheaton College’s program ensures you emerge as a well-rounded professional ready for the nimble world of film and new media.

Wheaton College – Film and New Media Studies

Wheaton College boasts a detailed Film and New Media Studies program that prepares students for diverse careers in the film industry. The curriculum spans a range of courses that focus on both theoretical and practical aspects of filmmaking.

  • Diverse Coursework: Students have the opportunity to explore various subjects, including Introduction to New Media, Visual Storytelling with Film and Video, and Senior Seminar.
  • Technical Skills: You will gain expertise in digital editing, documentary storytelling, film production, and animation, ensuring a strong practical skill set.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Courses like Problem Solving and Python Programming and Web Design offer a broader technological perspective.
  • Unique Opportunities: The Filmmaker in Residence Fellowship provides a chance to travel internationally and produce a short film.

Graduates from Wheaton find employment quickly, thanks to the comprehensive training and networking opportunities within the program. Some even start their creative businesses or secure roles in major media companies.

For those aiming to create a strong foundation in film and media, Wheaton College’s program stands out as a robust option.

How to Choose the Right Filmmaking School in Quincy MA

Choosing the right filmmaking school can significantly impact your future career. Here are some essential factors to consider:

  1. Program Curriculum: Evaluate whether the curriculum includes both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, covering areas like screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound design.
  2. Faculty Expertise: The qualifications and industry experience of the faculty can provide valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.
  3. Industry Connections: Schools with strong industry ties can offer internships, job placements, and real-world experience on professional film sets.
  4. Costs and Financial Aid: Consider the tuition fees and explore available financial aid or scholarships. Compare the costs against the potential return on investment.
  5. Facilities and Equipment: State-of-the-art facilities, including studios, editing labs, and high-quality filming equipment, enhance the learning experience.
  6. Alumni Success: Research the achievements of the school’s alumni. Successful graduates are indicators of the school’s effectiveness in preparing students for the industry.

Taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision, ensuring you select a school that aligns with your career aspirations in filmmaking.


Embarking on a journey in filmmaking can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. The filmmaking schools in Quincy, MA, offer various programs that cater to both aspiring filmmakers and seasoned professionals wanting to hone their skills. From high school programs that provide foundational skills to university majors that offer deep dives into media theory and practice, Quincy has no shortage of options.

Researching schools like North Quincy High School, Suffolk University, and Wheaton College can provide you with a solid understanding of what each program offers. As you navigate your educational journey, remember to consider factors such as curriculum depth, faculty expertise, industry connections, costs, facilities, and alumni success. Taking these into account will help you find the right filmmaking school in Quincy, MA, tailored to launch your career in film.

Ready to take the next step? Explore these institutions further, and take a big leap towards your filmmaking dreams.

Note: The links are embedded directly within the text to guide you right to the corresponding program pages, ensuring easy access to more detailed information. Whether you decide on North Quincy High School’s hands-on program, Suffolk University’s media and film major, or Wheaton College’s interdisciplinary approach, you’re bound to find a learning environment that meets your aspirations.

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