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Filmmaking Schools in Huntington WV

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Looking to break into the film industry? Discover the top filmmaking schools in Huntington WV that can launch your career.

This article highlights the best programs, offering hands-on experience and comprehensive education in film production. Find out why these institutions should be on every aspiring filmmaker’s radar.

Marshall University – Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking

Marshall University now offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking, specifically designed for aspiring filmmakers located in Huntington, WV. This initiative fills a significant gap in the state’s educational opportunities by providing a focused curriculum on motion picture production.

Program Overview

Tijah Bumgarner, an Associate Professor and experienced filmmaker, leads this innovative program. Tijah Bumgarner has curated a comprehensive program that includes various aspects of filmmaking:

  • Cinematic Non-fiction: Diving into the world of documentary films and true-to-life storytelling.
  • Lighting Techniques: Understanding how to use light to set the mood and tone of a film.
  • Crew Collaboration: Learning how to work with a team to produce seamless film projects.
  • Fundamentals of Film Production: Obtaining a strong foundation in the principles and technical aspects of filmmaking.

Integrative Learning Approach

The program includes an interdisciplinary education plan that involves:

  • Acting Classes from the School of Theater and Dance.
  • Screenwriting Modules from the English Department.

This ensures students receive a well-rounded education that combines creativity with technical skills.

Real-world Experience

Thanks to the West Virginia Film Office’s new tax credit initiative, students have the chance to work on in-state film projects, which enhances practical experience and job opportunities post-graduation.

Starting Soon

Set to begin in fall 2024, this program aims to nurture the next generation of filmmakers in West Virginia. Through this initiative, Marshall University highlights the importance of local stories and the beauty of the state.

To learn more about this innovative program, visit Marshall University’s BFA in Filmmaking.

Marshall University School of Art & Design – Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking

The Marshall University School of Art & Design offers an excellent Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Filmmaking. This program prepares students for professional careers by providing a mix of theory and hands-on practice.

Diverse Curriculum

The program’s curriculum is designed to cover a wide range of filmmaking aspects:

  • Cinematography and Photography: Learn the art of capturing images that tell a story.
  • Animation: Delve into the world of moving graphics and characters.
  • Video Art and Motion Design: Explore the creative possibilities of visual storytelling.
  • Screenwriting: Develop scripts that capture the audience’s attention.
  • Audio Engineering: Understand the technicalities of sound in film.
  • Post-Production: Learn the nuances of editing and finalizing a film.

Hands-On Experience

In a studio setting, students tackle various roles in film production including:

  • Acting
  • Filming
  • Writing
  • Directing their own projects

This hands-on approach ensures that students gain practical skills that are essential in the filmmaking industry.

Internship Opportunities

The program requires a filmmaking internship, offering exposure to real-world projects and an expanding media market. This practical experience is invaluable in improving employability after graduation.

Personalized Mentorship

Faculty members are experienced professionals in the filmmaking industry. They offer personalized mentorship to guide students in achieving their artistic and professional goals.

Visit the Marshall University School of Art & Design for more details on the BFA in Filmmaking.


Choosing to attend a filmmaking school in Huntington, WV, opens numerous opportunities for a solid career in the film industry. With focused curriculums, practical experience, and strong mentorship, these programs are designed to ensure your success. Take the next step in your filmmaking journey with confidence.

For more information, explore these excellent programs and consider how they align with your career aspirations.

Film Connection – Film School Program

Film Connection Film School in Huntington, West Virginia, offers a unique mentor-extern approach to learning, focusing on hands-on experience with working industry professionals. This method ensures real-world exposure and valuable industry insights.

Program Highlights

  • Personal Mentorship: Students receive one-on-one guidance from active professionals in the filmmaking industry, personalized to their learning pace.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Coursework covers production, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting, providing a broad understanding of the filmmaking process.
  • Job Placement Focus: The program prioritizes job placement through leveraging robust industry connections and mentor recommendations.
  • Flexible Learning: With numerous locations and flexible schedules, including Huntington, WV, this program fits into various lifestyles.

Scholarships Available

Film Connection provides financial aid and scholarships to eligible students, making it an accessible choice for financial constraints.

  • Personal Instruction: Each student benefits from a one-on-one teaching approach.
  • Career Opportunities: Strong collaborations with industry professionals provide students with vital networking opportunities.

Explore more about the Film Connection program here.

How to Choose the Best Filmmaking School in Huntington WV

Choosing the right filmmaking school is essential for your career in the film industry. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Curriculum Depth and Breadth
  2. Hands-On Opportunities
  3. Faculty Expertise
  4. Industry Connections and Networking
  5. Facilities and Resources
  6. Tuition Costs and Financial Aid
  7. Location and Community


Choosing the right filmmaking school in Huntington WV can shape your career. Programs like those at Marshall University and Film Connection offer comprehensive curriculums, hands-on experience, and strong industry connections. Explore these opportunities and take the next step in your filmmaking journey confidently.

For further information, dive into these Marshall University’s BFA in Filmmaking, Marshall University School of Art & Design, and Film Connection to find the perfect match for your aspirations.

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