Filmmaking Schools in Fontana CA

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Looking to break into filmmaking?

Fontana, CA offers some of the best programs to get your career started.

This article highlights the top filmmaking schools in Fontana, CA, detailing the unique benefits and opportunities each institution provides.

From cutting-edge technology to career development services, find the perfect fit for your filmmaking education.

San Bernardino Valley College – Film, TV, and Media Program

San Bernardino Valley College’s Film, Television, and Media (FTVM) Program equips you with the skills needed to excel in cinema, broadcasting, and various forms of digital media. The FTVM department offers access to industry-standard technology, including:

  • 6K camera systems
  • Multiple track field audio
  • Pro-Tools
  • DaVinci Resolve

Additionally, you have the opportunity to gain practical experience through the professional Television and Radio Studio, KVCR. The program also features options to learn film shooting using 35mm and Super 16mm cameras.

Notable Offerings:

  • Multiple 2-year degrees with transfer options.
  • Professional development certificates in production, post-production, and audio.

The Institute of Media Arts, an integral part of the FTVM department, enhances your professional development. It offers services like portfolio development, resume writing, and networking skills.

Career Development:

  • Internship placements
  • Pathways to four-year institutions such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, CSUN, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State Los Angeles.

The program prepares you for diverse roles within the media and entertainment industry, offering both theoretical and hands-on experience.

The University of California, Riverside – Theatre, Film & Digital Production (TFDP)

The Theatre, Film & Digital Production (TFDP) program at The University of California, Riverside offers a practice-based curriculum centered around storytelling across various mediums. The program is taught by professional practitioner-scholars, integrating analytical and practical skills.

Key Elements:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Writing
  • Performance scholarship
  • Dramaturgy
  • Film production

TFDP stands out for its commitment to diversity and social justice. Located on a diverse campus, the program engages with movements like Black Lives Matter, addressing critical social issues.

Highlights include:

  • Emphasis on storytelling across theatre, film, and digital production.
  • Guidance on career paths through academic advising.
  • Faculty achievements, such as the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in undergraduate research.

Although specific course details are not available online, contacting the department directly will provide more information about offerings, tuition, and schedules. TFDP equips you with a well-rounded education for successful careers in theatre, film, and digital production.

Directing Change CA – Directing Change Film Contest

Directing Change CA uses filmmaking to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention. One of its key initiatives is the annual Directing Change Film Contest, inviting students to create short films focused on these essential issues.

Contest Features:

  • Films judged by a professional panel.
  • Winners advance to statewide and national competitions.

The organization hosts film screenings to showcase student films, fostering dialogue about mental health within schools and communities. Workshops and programs are tailored for different age groups and educational settings, blending creative skills with advocacy.

Experience and Impact:

  • Valuable experience in filmmaking and storytelling
  • Empowerment to effect positive change
  • Educational and practical engagement with social issues

For specific details about programs, hours, and prices, contacting Directing Change CA directly is advised. The platform provides an educational way for aspiring filmmakers to create impactful content.

These sections will help you navigate different options while considering filmmaking schools in Fontana, CA. Whether you are drawn to traditional academia or unique, issue-focused platforms, these programs offer enriching pathways to build your career in filmmaking.

Cal State San Bernardino – Minor in Film Studies

Cal State San Bernardino’s Minor in Film Studies is ideal if you’re passionate about film aesthetics, history, critical analysis, and digital media production. The program is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to tailor your curriculum to your specific interests by choosing courses across various fields.

Key Elements:

  • Beginning Photography
  • Looking at Movies
  • Television Studio Production
  • World Drama

For deeper insight, upper-division courses like “The Development of Motion Pictures,” “Visual Communication,” and “Studies in a Literary Genre” provide critical knowledge in film theory. Additional offerings in “Movies in the Digital Age,” “Film Analysis,” and “Topics in Film Studies” will enrich your understanding further.

Practical Skills Courses:

  • Video Art
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Field Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Digital Motion Graphics

The Minor in Film Studies at Cal State San Bernardino aims to blend theory with hands-on practice, preparing you for various roles in the film and media industry.

California Baptist University – Film Studies Program

California Baptist University’s Film Studies Program provides a hands-on approach to understanding and practicing film production. The program is structured to help you grasp film as a cultural force and prepare you for a career in the entertainment industry.

Concentrations Available:

  • Film Analysis & Industry: Focus on film history, theory, and criticism.
  • Film Production: Covers visual storytelling, producing, cinematography, and directing.
  • Screenwriting: Emphasizes scriptwriting and narrative structure.
  • Post Production: Teaches editing, visual effects, audio recording, and 3D design.

This interdisciplinary curriculum integrates subjects like history, art, popular culture, and communications to give you a well-rounded education. Small class sizes ensure personalized learning, allowing you to thrive academically and professionally.

Unique Program Features:

  • Advanced equipment for hands-on experience
  • Courses such as “Christianity and Film,” integrating faith and learning.
  • Engagement with industry events and internships

California Baptist University’s Film Studies Program combines academic rigor with practical industry skills, preparing you comprehensively for various roles within the film industry.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Filmmaking School in Fontana

When choosing a filmmaking school in Fontana, you need to consider factors that align with your career aspirations. Each element plays a significant role in ensuring you receive a quality education and are well-prepared for the industry.

  • Curriculum: Ensure the program offers courses that match your interests, such as directing, screenwriting, production, or post-production.
  • Faculty: Look for instructors with industry experience, as they can provide invaluable insights and mentorship.
  • Location: Proximity to film hubs or media industries can offer additional opportunities for internships and networking.
  • Equipment and Facilities: Access to cutting-edge technology is crucial for hands-on learning in filmmaking.
  • Career Services: Portfolio development, resume building, and job placement assistance are essential for post-graduation success.
  • Industry Partnerships: Partnerships with industry organizations and internship programs can provide practical experience and valuable industry connections.
  • School Culture and Values: Consider the school’s commitments to diversity and social justice to ensure they align with your personal beliefs and professional goals.

By thoroughly researching these factors, you can find a filmmaking school in Fontana that will best support your educational and career objectives.


Finding the right filmmaking school in Fontana, CA, can set the stage for your career in film, TV, and digital media production. San Bernardino Valley College, The University of California, Riverside, Directing Change CA, Cal State San Bernardino, and California Baptist University each offer unique programs that can help you develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Explore these options further to determine which program aligns best with your career goals and aspirations in filmmaking.

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